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“We understand that time is important to our residents”.

Resident Services:

We understand that time is important to our residents. ISM Management Company offers many convenient services such as online applications, online payments, flexible lease terms and 24 hour maintenance.

Pay Rent Online

Frequently Asked Questions

ISM accepts payment by personal check, cashier’s check and money order by mail or in our office. For your convenience, payments can also be made online via our website or over the phone by calling your manager and providing your bank account or credit card information (additional fees apply). Please note that the payment of rent in cash is not accepted for security reasons.
You can submit a maintenance request online or by contacting your property manager via phone or email. If you have an after-hours emergency, please contact the maintenance hotline number for your community. If the maintenance problem was caused by you or your guests, you will be charged for the repair.
An emergency is a maintenance problem that creates a safety hazard to residents or imminent damage to property, so that repairing it cannot wait until the next business day. Some examples would be an overflowing toilet or a broken pipe. If you have a true emergency the hotline operator will contact the ISM staff member on call for immediate service. If there is a gas leak or power outage, call the utility provider in your area first to see if there is an outage in the area.
Lock-out service is not provided. In an emergency situation management may use their own discretion to provide entry. They are authorized to charge not more than $20, which is paid to the manager or maintenance member. If residents hire at their expense a private locksmith to open their doors, they will be responsible for the cost of repair of damaged locks or for any alteration to the key system. If you lose your keys, you will be charged for their replacement.
In a roommate situation, all roommates are entirely responsible for the rent. Rent may be split and paid separately by each roommate at most properties. However all payments must be received by management by the 5th of the month and must total the exact amount due (to the penny). If there remains a balance due after the 5th of the month or if payments do not add up to the exact amount due more than once, separate payments will no longer be accepted and all further payments must be made in full in one payment. It is not ISM’s responsibility to intervene if one roommate pays and the other does not. This will simply be considered non-payment of rent and all residents’ names will appear on a three-day notice and any possible eviction proceedings.
The security deposit is held at the beginning of a lease to pay for any damage to the apartment after it is vacated. It is refunded at the end of the lease minus any retention for damage repair. Residents can not use the security deposit to pay last month's rent. ISM may withhold from the security deposit only such amounts as are reasonably necessary to remedy Resident default or restore the apartment to its condition at move-in. You will receive an accounting of your security deposit as well as the appropriate refund, within 21 days after ISM has taken possession of the apartment.
The deposit paid at initial move-in is a joint and communal deposit securing the apartment itself, not individual residents on the lease. The security deposit is not refunded until after the leased premises has been permanently and totally vacated by all residents. The refund is made in one check, payable to the current residents on the lease at the time the apartment is permanently vacated. If a resident moves out and one or more residents continue leasing the apartment, the security deposit is automatically transferred to the remaining residents and to the new lease if applicable. It is the residents’ responsibility to arrange for the departing roommate to receive a partial security deposit refund if necessary since they will no longer be on the lease or subsequent refund check. Likewise, if a new resident is being added to the lease, residents must arrange for partial security deposit payment amongst themselves. This is due to the fact that the new resident will now be on the lease and subsequent refund check. Please note, any new residents must apply and be approved by management and pay any necessary application or administrative fees.
We will always give you at least 24 hours notice if an ISM staff member will be entering your apartment. There is no requirement for you to be present. However, ISM is not required to give notice in the event of an emergency.
ISM suggests that if your neighbor is violating Community Policies, you first try talking to them in a friendly manner. They may not be aware that their activities are being heard in your apartment and may be disrupting your sleep. If the behavior continues after you have tried this, please inform your manager and they will contact the tenant. If the behavior persists please notify management as further steps may need to be taken. If there is a loud party late at night and you feel you have no choice, by all means contact the Police Department.
No repairs, decorating (wall paint, wall paper, etc.) or alterations can be done without ISM’s prior written consent. When hanging picture frames, use either bulldog hangers or small nails and repair the holes upon move-out. Do not use self-adhesive hangers. Please do not affix a satellite dish or other antenna to any common area on the property without ISM’s written consent. Please remember that you will be charged for any damages to the apartment/building.
ISM’s pet policy varies by community. Visit your community’s website for its pet policy or contact the management office to inquire.

Renter’s Insurance:

Because ISM understands the value of personal property, all of our communities offer residents valuable information on renter’s insurance. We’ve established a relationship with Bader Insurance which offers special pre-approved pricing to our residents.

Insurance Application

Resident Relocation Program:

With ISM’s fast growing portfolio of communities it’s easy to find more than one property to suit your wants and needs. We’re proud to offer our residents a “No Hassle Transfer Policy” which allows for a seamless transfer of lease into a new apartment home with no additional application costs.


Resident Referral Program:

Most ISM communities offer incentives for referring friends or family to lease an apartment home with us. We’ll make it worth your while to refer us to your friends, with gift certificates or free rent.


Resident Socials and Events:

Certain communities have club house and pool amenities available to accommodate resident social events.



In addition to our resident services many ISM communities provide resort-style amenities with something for every life style. Select apartment communities feature the following community amenities:

  • State-of-the-art Fitness Centers
  • Executive Business Centers with High Speed Internet
  • Resort-style Heated Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Billiard Rooms
  • Community Laundry Centers
  • Gated Access
  • Washer/Dryer Hookups
  • Grill and Picnic Pavilions
  • Garages and Exterior Storage
  • Alarm Systems
  • Playgrounds
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Clubhouses
  • Social Activities

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